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New Board for ICA

15 May 2017

At the first AGM of the International Currency Association (ICA), which was founded last year, three new Board members were elected. A new Chairman was also elected to replace Ralf Wintergerst, who has stood down following his promotion to the position of Chief Executive of Giesecke+Devieret last year.

The new Chairman is Barna Barabas, formerly Vice Chairman. The new Vice Chairman is Eric Boissonnas.

The three new Board members are Dieter Merkle, Peter Muelfelder and Dr Wolfram Seidemann. The other members of the Board are Dieter Sauter, Bernhard Imbach, Martin Sutherland and Philippe Barreau.

Commenting on his new appointment, Barna said: ‘I am honoured to take up this position and to continue the great work that Ralf put in place. We have real challenges as an association to promote the benefits of cash as part of a plural and – above all fair – payments ecosystem. At the same time, we have real opportunities thanks to the benefits that cash offers in terms of flexibility, cost-efficiency, choice and financial inclusion’.

Press Release

Press Release

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