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The International Currency Association (ICA) announces a single global conference strategy

25 September 2017

The International Currency Association (ICA) announces a single global conference strategy to provide the best opportunity to demonstrate innovation, maximise shared learning and provide a cost effective solution for the currency industry and its customers.

The International Currency Association (ICA) was founded to create a cohesive voice for the currency industry. It has set out to identify and prioritise research and best practice sharing in order to drive the constant innovation needed to keep currency a preferred payment and store of value choice, and to support its members in building and connecting a global community. The ICA is creating both virtual and real platforms for networking and for exchanging best-practice, know-how and expertise, and to act as the umbrella for global activities across the industry.

To fulfil these goals, the ICA now feels that it needs to promote alternatives to the industry in terms of events that help facilitate networking and the exchange of best practice. The view of the ICA is that a single global conference conducted every two years would provide the best opportunity to further innovation and the sharing of information for suppliers and users alike. The ICA’s aim is that the first such conference will run from 2020. 

To deliver this ambition, the ICA will create a working group comprising representatives from its member organisations, chaired by Guillaume Lepecq, its newly appointed Director General. This working group will detail the objectives for the new conference, and then undertake an open and competitive tender to select a specialist event organiser to co-ordinate the development and delivery of this new venture.  

The Board of the ICA, will be seeking input from as many organisations across the industry as possible, to ensure that an event programme will be created to truly meet the needs of all constituent audiences. 


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