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2018 Cash Matters Video

31 May 2018

Last year, we introduced our pro-cash movement to the public with our 2017 Cash Matters videoNow, we celebrate the freedom to choose cash with our 2018 Cash Matters video.

Social inclusion, data protection, privacy and financial freedom matter more than ever.

Keeping cash as an option in the payment landscape, means the public maintains their right to:

Advancements in payment technology should be encouraged, but eliminating cash should not, because while 2 billion people remain unbanked, cash is the only choice for 38% of the world’s adult population. And while every nation has their own array of payment option, 50% of payments across 75% of countries are still conducted in cash

Perhaps this is because cash is the only truly democratic payment option. It is a social equaliser that can be used with ease by and between people of all walks of life: young, old, poor, rich, tech-savvy, tech-resistant, tourist or local.

Choices empower you, and that matters. 



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